Vegan Spring Rolls

I love it when I make dishes that are accidentally vegan.

I’m not saying that we should not be consciously trying to reduce our meat consumption, of course. In some rare instances though, when it just so happens that you left out the meat without trying, because taste-wise, it was not needed, those meals are often the best vegetarian/vegan ones.

Here, the magic peanut sauce is all you need to go from a bunch of veggies and rice noodles to a delicate, herbal and crunchy roll that is full of flavour. The sauce balance is perfect, with some honey and sriracha for the sugar and slight kick, some rice vinegar to offset the fat from the peanut butter, and the freshness and flavour from the garlic and ginger. The herbs are very important here, too, as they turn out to be a major contribution to the delicate and fresh flavour profile.

This Spring Rolls version is not an authentic one, as I tried to make my own, slightly simplified recipe.

Vegan Spring Rolls – Recipe

Ingredients – Where to find them

Some ingredients for this dish are basic Asian pantry items (soy sauce, rice vinegar, sriracha). You might have a tad more trouble finding rice vermicelli and rice paper, but you should be able to find those in traditional grocery stores, without needing to visit an Asian one.

Ingredients – Advice & key points

  • I must say it takes a bit of time to cut your veggies in matchsticks, but if you do it the way I showed in my video (especially for carrots : first slice quite diagonally, then cut in matchsticks), it should be quicker and easier !
  • I managed to find large rice papers, which I like better as you make less rolls (team Lazy forever !), but smaller ones, around the size of a plate, work perfectly well.
  • Be careful not to overfill your roll (check out my video), as it won’t close properly and might rip off !
  • Feel free to add other veggies, or replace some, depending on the seasons ! The ones I find best suited for a spring roll are, in particular :
    • raw red cabbage when in winter,
    • red bell pepper when in summer,
    • avocado if you feel like it (I find that it’s not needed with the rich peanut sauce, but see for yourself !)

Got everything you need ? Let’s roll !

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 40 min Total Time 40 mins
Servings: 2
Best Season: Spring


Crunchy spring rolls filled with a soft rice vermicelli pillow, fresh herbs and vegetables. But the magic comes from the rich peanut sauce, sugary, savoury and tangy, that will make you feel like you're indulging -when really you're only eating carrots and cucumber.


For the rolls

For the Sauce


  1. Prep your veggies

    Cook you rice vermicelli according to the package instructions (some will tell you to simply soak them, others to boil them). Let them cool while you carry on prepping.   

    Cut your carrot and cucumber into matchsticks (see video). Cut your radishes into thin slices.

    Mince your garlic and ginger. 

  2. Quickly whip up your sauce

    Mix all your sauce ingredients in a small bowl. Add a few tablespoons of hot water to form a sauce/paste that is not too thick, and set aside. 

    When I think of it, I like to first pour my hot water on my minced garlic and ginger, as I find it develops the flavour more. 

  3. Assembly time !

    Dampen a kitchen towel with some water, then place it on your countertop. This is where you'll form your roll -if you don't, the roll will stick to your countertop.

    Fill a large dish (that can fit you rice paper sheet into) with warm water.

    Soak your rice paper in the water-filled dish for a few seconds only.

    Put your dampened rice paper sheet on your wet towel. 

    Add your rice vermicelli first, then your carrot and cucumber. Fold both sides of the roll, then start rolling and stop midway. Add your radishes, your cilantro and your mint leaves. Finish rolling. 

    Repeat until you have no more filling left.

    Et voilà !! You're done ! 

    Don't soak your rice paper longer than a few seconds, as it will likely end up too soft and tear up more easily. Even if it feels a bit rigid, the rice paper will keep softening while you assemble your veggies on it.
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